Be an H+ | Volunteer!

H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory is an NGO that is focused on building regenerative sustainability.
We offer 3 premiere pro-bono services to dancers in NYC. Sign-up today to support through volunteering!


H+ | Dancemart®

DATE: Saturday, October 26th
TIME: 4-hour block minimum between 4pm - 11pm

DESCRIPTION: A dancer-run grocery supplement program providing free food, cooking lessons, and groceries to NYC dancers!

QUALITIES OF A DANCEMART® VOLUNTEER: Kind, Outgoing, Caring, Good People Skills

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H+ | Pimp my style {The Event}

DATE: SUNDAY, October 13th

TIME: 4-hour block minimum btwn 11am - 9pm

DESCRIPTION: A Tri-Annual event where dancers come to get their headshot done! Not just a headshot appointment but an experience! The red carpet treatment with styling, hair & make-up, and final look!

PMS® VOLUNTEER ROLES: PMS Photographer, Stylist, MUA, Videographer or Production Assistant.
PMS® VOLUNTEER QUALITIES: Savvy, Detail-oriented, Focused, Time-Efficient