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H+ | Pimp My Style provides workshops, panel discussions and volunteer opportunities for photographers, retouchers, cinematographers and editors.

Past Events: Broncolor Light & Learn {Pimp My Style Edition}
Join broncolor and H+ | Pimp My Style® for a Light & Learn event this summer! You’ll learn how to employ creative lighting techniques on professional dancers featuring broncolor light systems and lighting modifiers from two top photographers of the fashion, dance, and advertisement industries: Anna Kuzmina and Faisal Mohammed.

Upcoming Events: Broncolor Light & Learn {Pimp My Style Edition}
A riveting conversation amongst the industry’s best in dance, film, advertisement and photography. What are their most successful practices to get the results they want in the photography? Receive advisement on how to effectively work with models to get that money shot. Learn insiders’ tips on the things they never teach you in photography school.