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yvonne chow’s birthday fundraiser

Saturday, Aug. 10th @ 6pm

Welcome to H+ | HOUSE OF CHOW®

Where you come to get served.®

Founded by Yvonne H. Chow, House of Chow® is the Asian (American) Division of the NGO, H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory
committed to the new and evolving image and reputation of the Asian nationality in Hip-Hop and beyond. This division is aligned with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education and #10: Reduced Inequalities.

Meet Yvonne Chow.

Yvonne Chow has been training in Hip-Hop Dance (Popping, Boogaloo, Locking, Rocking, Breaking, & Party Dance) via The BLADE Dance Technique® (S. Thomas, 1995) for over a decade under the mentorship and tutelage of H+ | Founder & Artistic Director Safi A. Thomas and now serves as the Director of Operations, Education Director, Curator of Works, and Principal Dancer of H+. Yvonne founded House of Chow®, to honor her family lineage through providing purposeful guidance, mentorship, and leadership to the next generation of Asian (Americans) in Hip-Hop Dance at H+ and beyond. In turn, she has cultivated a strong voice, a powerful presence, and a deep purpose as a representative of Hip-Hop, dance, and the arts on a global scale.  Watch her feature on Sinovision’s series “Occupation Nation":

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Let's further the discourse surrounding Asian (American) roles and contributions to our society! Take a look at what House of Chow® services are on the menu that you can bring to your next conference or event!

unapologetically asian

An identity workshop lead by Yvonne where we unpack what it means to be Asian (American), and more importantly, "Unapologetically Asian".  Join this incubator for a complex conversation on establishing a legacy that honors our past, is relevant to the present, and sustains into the future.

House of Chow® family dinnerS

House of Chow® Family Dinners are where anything and everything taboo to say at an Asian dining table is entertained. These curated and catered conversations surround the experiences, challenges, and contributions of Asian (Americans) with professionals in the dance field and beyond! Dinners are sponsored by top Asian restaurants in NYC. Take a look at one of our dinners below!


Professional Hip-Hop Dance Workshop lead by H+ | Education Director Yvonne Chow that takes you through the six foundational elements of the art form: Popping, Boogaloo, Locking, Rocking, Breaking, and Party Dance. Work on your groove, freestyle, and choreography!


Collaborate with us today to build full media campaigns centered on advocating for, unifying, and strengthening Asian (American) communities in the US!