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H+ is an NGO aimed at cultivating an environment of longevity and sustainability for artists nationally and internationally following a large portion of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). H+'s conservatory boasts the most comprehensive, polymathic Hip-Hop Dance curriculum to date,
The BLADE Dance Technique® (S. Thomas, 1995), and provides education and training exclusively surrounding the art form of Hip-Hop Dance (Popping, Boogaloo, Locking, Rocking, Breaking, and Party Dance) in order to prepare students for a long-term career in the art form through our 3 offered H+ | Pathways:



Learn Hip-Hop Dance foundational elements, character development, and acting for dancers for both commercial and concert dance performance realms via H+ | Theatre of the Mind® and contribute to performance evolution. 



Learn choreographic composition, repertory development, theatre production, and more to contribute to the body of work of H+ | Theatre of the Mind® and contribute to performance evolution. 

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Learn video production and editing, photography, marketing and design, arts management and much more to be a part of the future of dance sustainability initiatives.


The BLADE Dance Technique® (S. Thomas, 1995)


The BLADE Dance Technique® (S. Thomas, 1995) is derived from the work of American Hip-Hop dance educator, choreographer and philanthropist Safi A. Thomas. “BLADE” stands for “Building Leaders through the Advancement of Dance Education.” Therefore, the technique treats all dancers, regardless of their perceived level of skill, as a novice, allowing dancers to form a base of critical thought, unlearn habitual tendencies, and cultivate themselves as active community leaders in Hip-Hop Dance and in the international arts community. Through openness and clarity of mind, dancers study the mind-body connection and in turn, build new neural pathways, allowing for stronger, deeper, connections in their brain, which then reflect in more accurate and nuanced expression in their movement quality.

Pedagogy Course: Bodyworks®


At the core of the training is the Bodyworks® curriculum: a 4-pronged system of Meditation, Flexibility Training, Strength Training, and Cardiovascular Training, that builds the mental and physical acuity for the professional Hip-Hop Dancer whom is capable of executing the 6 foundational elements of Hip-Hop Dance both in choreography and in improvisation.

Repertory Course: Thomas Acting Technique®

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The official production company and repertory company of H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory is H+ | Theatre of the Mind® {TOTEM®}. Students must ascend from Apprentice to Dancer to Corps Dancer in order to be considered an official performer of the repertory company however all students gain experience in learning how to mount new works and remount performed works under the Thomas Acting Technique® principles. This course builds towards 3 domestic repertory seasons as well as opportunities to travel in international seasons.

Advocacy Course: Messages & Campaigns


Our campaigns address the livelihood of dancers, with subjects spanning from gender equality to body image to agency. Each project aims to serve as a platform for healthy dialogue that pushes the boundaries of human development and understanding.

Medical Research Course : Bodyworks®


This 3-subject course spans exercise physiology, anatomy and physiology, and health and lifestyle, and is thus designed to holistically address the needs of the training dancer and understanding how our intake affects our output (ability to perform at high quality).

Infrastructure Course: Cultural & Social Anthropology


To truly comprehend Hip-Hop Dance, one must understand that all dance stems from a music, which stems from a people and a culture. In this course, we zoom out in our lens to the socio-political climate that birthed the cultural invention, Hip-Hop, to understand why Hip-Hop Dance takes the shape it does today and what our stake in the art-form is.

Infrastructure Course: Enrichment Excursions


As H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory is located in New York City, it is entirely necessary for students to take advantage of residing in the birthplace of the cultural invention of Hip-Hop and the epicenter of arts and culture. H+ | Students will attend events, master classes, performances, etc. that will occur majority of the time, outside of H+ time. The way in which a student enters field work is as an investigator of their area of profession and future career, not as an audience member.

Design Course: Introduction to Marketing & Advertising

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While many professional dancers excel in their craft of dance, their business skills to make their dance a sustainable career are not on par. What is the history of marketing and advertising? How has it been used in the past and how can we evolve its usage to adapt to the current needs of the greater arts community? How can we bolster our brand, reputation, and reach as dancers utilizing photography, videography, and marketing?