The primary mission of The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory Repertory Company (HDCRC), the performance division of The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory (H+), is to develop a more feasible trajectory for a Hip-Hop dancer's growth in lieu of music videos and "back-up" dancing that presents them as the main artist as well as compensates them in accordance with their requisite dance education and skill-set.  

Classically trained in The BLADE Dance Technique®, these elite dancers are continuing the conservatory's tenets in presenting Hip-Hop dance within the milieu of concert dance and augmenting the public's perception of Hip-Hop dance's foundations as a virtuoso technique. We posit that in order for the art-form to gain respect it must stand independent of the ubiquitous media-driven images associated with Hip-Hop. Only then can it achieve its own well-respected identity, which will in turn enhance the culture from which it was spawned.

The repertory of works is set to challenge society's current perceptions and oft naively conceived notions of what a Hip-Hop dance performance should be. Hip-Hop dance is presented through the lens of carefully scripted themes and motifs and pays homage to underground Hip-Hop artists as well as other musical genres. Artistic Director Safi A. Thomas' uniquely riveting works are therefore guaranteed to incite discourse and garner a reverence for the art-form.